Camp Attitude

Camp Attitude is a phenomenal camp which treats campers with special needs and their families to a whirlwind week of fun and relaxation. Activities include Laser Tag, Hot Air Balloon Float, Lake Day, Horseback Riding, ATV rides, Water fights, River Float, a Talent Show, and much more.

Upon arrival, families are swarmed by volunteers. Bags are whisked to an assigned cabin, and kids are off playing with their new friends. Soon, each special needs camper is matched with a "Buddy" who is then attached to that camper from 8 AM until 8 or 9 PM every day. Siblings are also matched with buddies. This leaves the parents time to themselves. For some, this is the first time in years they have not been 100% focused on meeting the needs of their children.

The bonds formed during this week are incredible. Camp Attitude leaves people exhausted, exhilerated, energized, appreciative, and encouraged.

As part of their commitment to children, especially those with disabilities, the doctors at Oregon Family Health are annual donors. Additionally, Dr. Peffley has been known to head to Camp Attitude to drive Campers, Siblings, Parents, and Staff around Foster Resevoir on a waverunner.

Please learn more about Camp Attitude and consider becoming a donor, Buddy, or Volunteer Staff Member!