Dallas Dragon Sports

Most visibly, the physicians can be seen as volunteer medical support on the sidelines of the Dallas Dragon Football games. They also partner with the wrestling team to perform intermittent skin checks up in the matt room. The physicians remain on standy-by to field any questions or concerns had by any of the coaches from any of the squads.

Each summer, the physicians have coordinated the efforts of local nurses, physical therapists, and other physicians to perform OSAA physicals. 100% of the $25 fee goes directly to the Dallas Booster Club, netting around $1500 each "Physicals Drive." Oregon Family Health also makes a yearly donation to the Dallas High School Track Team.

Oregon Family Would like to extend a special thanks to the high school athletes. When it came time to move into the new building, DHS athletes showed up in droves. In less than two hours, our entire office had been transported 5 blocks.