US Navy Reserve - CDR Peffley

While in medical school, Dr. Peffley took advantage of the Health Profession Scholarship Program. In exchange for two years of “free” medical school, he accepted commission as a Naval Medical Officer and three years of obligated service. Starting as an ENS (Ensign), he performed clinic rotations at NH (Naval Hospital) Great Lakes (Illinois), NH Portsmouth (Virginia), and NH Bremerton (Washington).

Upon graduation from medical school, ENS Peffley was promoted to LT (Lieutenant) and began his internship at NH Bremerton’s Puget Sound Family Residency Program. After internship, he became a general medical officer, serving aboard the USS RAINIER (AOE 7). He was the sole physician on this ship of 550 sailors. He checked aboard three weeks before “911.” The RAINIER underwent a rapid cycling of pre-deployment preparations and pushed out of port in November 2002 in support of Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom. The majority of “bunker busters” dropped during “Shock and Awe” came from LT Peffley’s ship. During his 27 months aboard RAINIER, he was “at sea” for a combined 18 – the longest stretch being to the Persian Gulf for 7 months.

From September 2003 to September 2005, LT Peffley returned NH Bremerton to complete his residency in Family Medicine. There, he logged over 200 deliveries and became credentialed to perform colonoscopies.

Upon graduating residency, LT Peffley with an all-expense paid vacation to the all-inclusive resort at Kuwait Naval Base. He tended to marines, sailors, soldiers, and airman at the Troop Medical Clinic during this 5 1/2 month deployment.

His last “billet” was as a staff clinician at Naval Hospital Clinic New England located in Newport, Rhode Island. There, he saw patients in the office as well as delivered babies and cared for hospitalized patients at the local civilian hospital. It was there that he was promoted to LCDR (Lieutenant Commander).

After 7.5 years of active service, LCDR Peffley was honorably discharged and re-commissioned as a Navy Reserve Officer. He performed his drills in Eugene, Oregon until the center moved to Springfield. Initially performing the duties of a staff physician, he eventually became the Officer In Charge of his medical detachment. In February 2012, he was promoted to his current rank of CDR (Commander).

As a reservist, he has served a medical mission to Nicaragua, supported the National Guard’s yearly Golden Coyote Exercise in South Dakota, and worked at NH Bremerton’s Pediatric Department.

Currently, he is a member of the OHSU (Operational Health Support Unit) Bremerton Head Quarter’s Staff, functioning as the travel team coordinator. He oversees medical and dental provider for 14 Naval Operation Support Centers across 8 states.