West Valley Hospital

Both physicians are integrally involved in the hospital. Since coming in 2007, Dr. Peffley has been committed to contributing to the rebuilding of the hospital, recruiting Dr. William Lucas to his office and Dr. Rebecca Lucas to be the director of Emergency Services at West Valley Hospital. Together, Drs. Peffley and Lucas were successful in getting Dr. Yao from HOPE Orthopedics to see clinic in Dallas and start performing procedures at West Valley Hospital. Both Drs. Peffley and Lucas are serving on the Medical Executive Committee.

Both physicians perform the duties of hospitalist at West Valley. This means that for 7-11 days stretches, all admissions to, patient management, and discharges from West Valley Hospital are the responsibility of a single physician. Dr. Lucas currently serves as the Chair of the Hospitalist Department. Dr. Peffley performs colonoscopies in the surgical suite.