Controlled Substances

Drs. Peffley, Lucas, and Hoover are NOT pain specialists, have not received specialized training in this field, and as a general rule, do not seek to manage chronic opiod use and/or dependency.

Those patients taking chronic narcotics (i.e. OXYCODONE, OXYCONTIN, MORPHINE, NORCO, etc.) or are currently on a pain contract are typically not going to be brought in as new patients. Patients managed with non-narcotics will be accepted; however, they must realize Drs. Peffley, Lucas, and Hoover are not interested in initiating a long-term/life-time narcotic regimen. The same applies to prescriptions for benzodiazepines (i.e. XANAX, VALIUM, CLONAZEPAM, etc.).

New patients taking controlled substances will be asked to read and complete our Controlled Substance Policy Statement.

Oregon Family Health patients who receive chronic controlled substances are required to sign a federally-mandated contract and abide by the provisions therein. Non-adherence to the contract will result in dismissal from the practice. Each controlled substance prescription is written to last one month. Patients must maintain routine follow-up appointments to receive additional prescriptions. Random urinalysis is one of the several requirements to continue receiving controlled substance prescriptions from this office.