Financial Agreement

It is imperative (and expected) that patients are well aware of their benefits as per the contract with their insurance provider. The physicians focus on caring your your illness/condition, so they are the last ones to ask whether your insurance covers a particular visit, procedure, or medication.


Co-Pays are due at check-in. Insurance will be billed as a courtesy. Any balance not covered by your insurance company will be billed to you. That balance is due within 30 days. It is the responsibility of the patient to know what his/her insurance will cover.

Services requested and rendered that are not covered by insurance will be billed directly to the patient.


New patients are expected to pay in full at the time of service.


  1. Cash
  2. Personal checks. (A $30 penalty fee will be assessed for returned checks.)
  3. Credit cards (VISA and Mastercard)
  4. Debit cards


Accounts are to be paid in full within 30 days of receipt of our bill. A $5.00 statement fee will be assessed to your outstanding balance for each month the account is overdue.

Special consideration may be given to establish temporary payment plans on a case by case basis. Those accounts which consistently carry accounts or which do not respond to calls or mailed correspondence will be terminated.