Medication Refill

When stable on a medication, Drs. Peffley and Lucas will prescribe enough refills to last a FULL YEAR. A follow-up in the clinic in one year will be required to obtain another year's worth prescription. A patient who takes daily medication for a controlled condition who has "0 Refills" left, is soon due for the yearly visit for that condition. This is a GREAT time to schedule that appointment.

If you think you should have a refill on a medication and it is not time for your yearly follow up, the .best method for obtaining medication refills is to make the request directly through the pharmacy. The pharmacy will then route the request into our system.

Please allow 48-72 hours for your request to be filled. If we require additional information or an office visit, we will contact you.

Patients who sign up for the Patient Portal will have another method to use in requesting medications. This is going to be the method of choice in the future.