Vision, Mission, and Objectives


Few people enjoy going to the doctor’s office. It takes time; it costs money; and patients usually have to feel “bad enough” to even make an appointment. What patients do not need is to have difficulty scheduling an appointment, be treated poorly by staff, or feel put-off by the physician.

At Oregon Family Health, patients are never “just a number.” They feel part of our medical family. Drs. Peffley, Lucas, and Hoover are very committed to placing “FAMILY FIRST.”

Our goal is to make every point of interaction with Oregon Family Health as pleasant as possible. We’re committed to getting patients in, attending to their medical need, and getting them out as quickly as possible.

Drs. Peffley, Lucas, and Hoover anticipate their patients want to participate in the management of their health issues. They educate patients to assist them in making the best decision for themselves.

Furthermore, the physicians expect their patients to keep them and their staff accountable to these goals.


Provide easily accessible medical and surgical treatment for entire families in Dallas, Oregon and its surrounding communities.


  1. Become the preferred clinic for friendly, efficient, and competent medical care.
  2. Become the preferred clinic for well rounded, professionally competent, and satisfied employees who are invested as integral members of the clinic team.
  3. Become an integral business in the community to support the local economy.
  4. Become a trusted sponsor of the children of the community.
  5. Become a leader in health promotion and education, heightening awareness of personal and community health.