Doctor-Patient confidentiality is very important to everyone at Oregon Family Health. Without it, there is lack of trust, not to mention a breach of the law.

Every patient must determine with whom we are able to share personal information. It is important that you let the ladies up front know who is on your list of trusted individuals. Without that permission, we are unable to share any information.

The legal climate has become such that even sharing medical information for the ultimate benefit of a patient is punishable by law. Gone are the days of simply calling up a physician's office to request a lab result or X-ray. Transfer of information such as this requires written permission by the patient. In this way, the laws created to protect individuals actually hinder timely and effective care. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to change this. So we will continue to work within the boundaries of the law and with the intention to always protect your confidentiality.

Family members and loved ones do not always understand our inability to share your information. To limit hurt feelings or frustration, please make sure we know exactly with whom it is you'd like us to be able to discuss your private information.