Globally, colorectal cancer is third most common cancer in men and third most common in women. In the United States, 142,000 new cases are diagnosed each year while only 50,000 patients die from it. Ninety percent of colon cancer cases occur after age 50 which is why this is when it is recommended to begin screening in patients who do not have symptoms.

Colonoscopy is considered the gold standard for colon cancer screening and surveillance. It offers the ability to directly look at the bowel walls as well as the ability to remove suspicions growths during the same procedure. Colon cancer screening accounts for over 50% of the reduction in both the number of new cases of colon cancer and deaths.

Dr. Peffley performed colonoscopies in Bremerton, Washington while in the Navy. He has been performing colonoscopies at West Valley Hospital since 2010. Aside from the unavoidable unpleasantness of the preparation, patients express their satisfaction with the whole process. Additionally, they are impressed with the WVH surgical staff and facilities.

In the surgical suite, medications are provided which allow the patient to comfortably sleep through the entire procedure.

Patients are provided with detailed information upon discharge and will receive a call from Dr. Peffley's staff the day after the procedure. All results of the procedure and any biopsies are communicated to the patient and the referring physician.