Medical Search Engine Recommendations

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but all it did for humans was to make everyone a bit more neurotic. It is too tempting NOT to run symptoms through a search engine to "make sure it's not serious." Moles or bruises have often been mistaken for autoimmune disease or cancer thanks to our colleague Dr. WebMD. Care should be taken when "surfing the net" to make a self-diagnosis.

The best sources are nationally recognized organizations. The most dangerous sites are "chat rooms." This is not to say that the internt is evil and should be avoided ... just used wtih caution. Just because there is enough information out there through Wikipedia, YouTube, and thousands of chat rooms to construst a personal aircraft doesn't automatically make it a great idea.

Two sites recommend for looking up information on KNOWN medical conditions include:

PLEASE be critical of the sites you use to talk yourself in to or out of a rare, deadly, tropical, parasitic infection.