Patient Portal

Our patients enjoy direct and secure electronic communication with our office. The "Patient Portal" operates within each patient's medical record to perform a variety of tasks: send emails, view labs results, review medication list, request chart notes, schedule an appointments, etc. Also, there is a searcahable medical database available for self-study/education.

Account set-up and use is free of charge. Accounts may be managed by caregivers if patients are not capable to do this themselves.

Patients with existing Patient Portal Accounts through another office will need to activate Oregon Family Health. Although no token is required, we must activate our practice in your account.

To get started, call or come in to request a token (multi-digit password) which triggers an introductory email. The email contains a link to the Patient Portal Home Page.

Once at the home screen, click "I AM NEW HERE."

Then, read and click "I ACCEPT" if you wish to proceed.

Enter the 8-Digit code provided by Oregon Family Health and complete all remaining fields to set up your Patient Portal Account. REMEMBER every answer you supply to the security/personal questions. Logging in requires BOTH the password AND the answer to your personal question. BOTH ARE CASE SENSITIVE.

With the account set up, to access everything, hover over "My Chart" and click on "Request Health Record." Within 24-48 hours, you will have more access to your chart.

From your home screen, you have many options to interact with your physician and staff. When/where possible, patients are encouraged to use the Patient Portal Email instead of calling on the phone. Benefits include: Direct communication with physician/medical assistant; Your message is relayed EXACTLY how you type it; and More quickly addressed than phone messages.

Make sure you select the correct practice and Physician to whom you intend to sned a message."

We look forward to quickly and efficiently communicating with you through your medical record on the web!