Weight Loss Aid

Even more touchy than talking about someone's ugly baby is the subject of weight loss. Everyone would love to pin their excess weight on thyroid disease. Unfortunately, it is exceedingly rare that this is a cause of weight gain. Similarly, there aren't many medications which cause weight gain.

Few patients are willing to hear/believe that weight loss a "simple" matter of mathematics and physics. Yet you would think I was crazy if I told you that no matter how much I spent or how little money I deposited into the bank, my account just kept getting larger and larger.

Here are the basic facts about weight. The body burns calories to function at it's very basic level. For more vigorous activity, more calories are required. (Think of an old coal-burning train.) Burning more calories than what one takes in will result in a daily loss of calories. One pound is equivalent to 3500 calories. So when the total calorie loss (deficit) gets to 3500, one pound will be lost.

It is physically IMPOSSIBLE to "hardly eat anything" and "work out every day" and NOT lose weight.

You need to start thinking of food in terms of calories ... not quantity or bulk. A plate-full of spinach is significantly less (calorie-wise) than a dinky, harmless, who'd-even-notice, "Fun Size" Snickers square.

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  • Below is a link to a MyFitnessPal.com which helps you limit calories for the purpose of losing and maintaining weight. Additionally, there is a worksheet developed by an old mentor of ours which helps you calculate caloric targets to lose, maintain, or gain weight using DIET ALONE.