CDR Peffley is Back!

Does this uniform make my face look fat?

It's an all-volunteer Navy! When Dr. Peffley signed up for the reserve, it was with the understanding that he could be called up at any time. Well ... he got called!

Scheduled for an eleven month involuntary recall, CDR Peffley was released 2 months early. His nine month absence from Oregon Family Health was felt in varying degrees. Much took place at Oregon Family Health in his absence, but everyone has come through it with flying colors (albeit with varying degrees of mental scarring).

Dr. Peffley is now back in the office, back where he belongs.

Dr. Peffley and his family wish to extand a huge THANK YOU to all those who kept him, his family, and his patients in your thoughts and prayers. He had a successful deployment, staying (mostly) out of trouble, and returned having received a Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal.

When all the dust settled from Dr. Peffley's departure, Dr. Lucas was the one left to shoulder Dr. Peffley's workload both at the office and at Dallas Retirement Village (in addition to his). Of course he couldn't have done it alone. Cathy often pulled more than double duty to maintain the frenetic pace. Viviana worked through her pregnancy and returned to keep things running smoothly. And last, but not least, Nat, Moriah, Jill, and Diana navigated the hectic waters to maintain a smooth running office. This practice would have crumbled without everyone's efforts.

Dr. Peffley deployed to Guantanamo Bay to work for Southern Command's Joint Task Force within the Joint Medical Group. For Operational Security reasons, this was not widely publicized. He provided medical care for the detainees. It was emotionally draining at times and intrinsically rewarding at others. Although much of what occured is classified, in general terms, Dr. Peffley feels he was given an opportunity to provide a level of treatment to "prisoners of war" that no American captive has ever received. It is his hope that his compassion and dedication to professionalism will be part of a bigger process which leads to improved conditions for captured Americans in the future.

Because of the strain associated with the detainee line of work, the Morale-Welfare-Recreation (MWR) department worked overtime to provide opportunity for joint troopers to blow off steam. Dr. Peffley spent his free time completing a Naval War College course, scuba diving, and learning how to cook Thai food.